Self study program

Everything you've ever dreamed of for your life is both possible and available for you today, through starting and growing an online business.

Create a new stream of INCOME and have the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY to work from anywhere in the world on your laptop, doing work you love, while you fund the lifestyle of your dreams...

It's time to takeoff and fly this year!

You can do it!

It's YOUR time NOW!

And I'll show you how

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step...

First, DECIDE to take that first step. Then I'll show you which steps to take next... You can go at your own pace, but GO! Don't wait!

Life is too short to waste.

You're smart, you're talented, you've worked hard, but things haven't worked out how you thought they would've by now... you feel stuck and you know something's got to CHANGE THIS YEAR!

You yearn in your heart to be free...

You want to work, but in a way that is enjoyable and meaningful.

You've heard of others having a FREEDOM based business & lifestyle that allows them to work from anywhere in the world (on their terms, on their time) and you want this for you too.

You've had enough of working to make other people money.
You're sick of being stuck in one spot, in a job or situation that is sucking the life out of you.

Chained to a corporate desk, day in day out...

Not having enough time to spend with your family, your kids, yourself...

The weekend is not enough time to cram in everything you want to do. And you get that sick feeling in your stomach on Sunday night knowing you've gotta do it all again on Monday morning...

Or maybe you don't mind your job, you're good at it and you earn a decent wage, but you know that it won't give you the financial freedom or the life freedom you so desire - to live life on your terms. Now that you're still alive and young enough and healthy enough to enjoy life!!

I've been there and I get it.

It’s even harder when you’re earning good money and your working in your zone of competence, because you convince yourself you’re on a good thing and you should stick to it...

All the while feeling like your rusting inside… yearning for more…

More passion, more fun, more choices, more time, more life, and more freedom to be YOU.

To do what you came on this planet to do...

4 weeks a year of annual holiday leave is not enough to travel the world and live your life the way you want to… To show it to your kids… To truly experience what the world has to offer.

I know. I worked in corporate for over 20 years

I waited patiently for 48 weeks of each year for my 4 weeks annual holiday leave to arrive… only for it to fly by so quickly and leave me feeling sick in the pit of my stomach at the notion of returning back to work afterwards.

Until I was shown another way!

How to create other income streams that gave me what I call the trifecta of true living

Financial freedom,

Time freedom

Location freedom

And now my whole life is a holiday because I choose for it to be. Because I dreamed it would be and I made that dream a reality.

Whether you're still stuck in your 9-5, starting a business or just starting over, this program has been designed for you to get you on track to living the life you want and taking off in the direction of your dreams!

“Before I worked with Rebecca, I felt confused about what to offer and how. I felt I needed a very complete program, which could lead me to gain clarity.

Rebecca is awesome. She is a very present women and coach. I felt very supported by her.  The calls were priceless! Within two months I hit my money goals and I gained clarity about my offers. I made a great decision by taking Rebecca's program. My money consciousness changed radically. With one simple word Rebecca took me to my next level. It was not only about my money goal but how I empower myself in that goal, the way I feel making that amount of money monthly!! The live calls were awesome and I really felt cared for and listened to! 

The whole experience exceeded my expectations!! Working with Rebecca Sophia has been a great experience. I gained clarity about my offers and about my relationship with money. I achieved my personal and business goals. I up-leveled my money consciousness and also other areas in my life.  Thanks, Rebecca!”

Karina Falcon

“I would describe it as eye opening, inspiring and life changing”

I was feeling frustrated with my career as it wasn't giving me the lifestyle that I really wanted.... a fulfilled life on my terms!

Following a discovery call with Rebecca, I knew she would be the perfect coach to work with.  

I’ve enjoyed working through the modules and really thinking in a different way. It has challenged me to really think. I love her approach, its so kind, intelligent, speaks to the heart and makes perfect sense!

Since starting this my life goals have really showed up, I have a can do attitude, I have self belief and I know I'm capable of so much more than I was doing. I've started journaling and writing down things more, this has helped me stay calm and focused.

Rebecca was always very responsive to emails and questions and social media posts. I've felt her alongside me the whole way.

I’m feeling really great and started changing things in my life. My perspective has shifted; I think and act differently as I’m now more aware of what I want. I've re-ignited a business I started 2 years ago so I'm working on developing that.

The FB Group was great and the materials were very easy to use.

It exceeded my expectations!

Angela Sothern

"I hit 5k months consistently from my business coaching when previously I was freelancing to support the business.

After Rebecca's program, I feel confident and clear in my direction. I know I can achieve my income goals and business goals in smarter, easier ways. I've seen my income increase and my marketing message become a lot clearer.

...It’s a really good framework for your business and a really good blueprint for everything you need to create success in an online business….You’ve got everything there to go off to create your own success!

I'm really grateful to Rebecca for her amazing support and resources to help me get to where I want to be!"

Jenna Black
Online business coach and content strategist


  • Living a life where you call the shots. 
Having the time, location and money freedom to travel the world and experience the joy of living life your way!
  • Starting an online business that pays for your travels and funds the lifestyle you desire. That allows you to make more money than ever before

 doing meaningful work that helps others
 and fulfils your soul’s purpose, while using all of your God given talents and skills.

  • Packaging your skills and services (that you've gained from your life and work experience to date) and marketing them to ideal clients all over the world that need what you have to offer and that you magnetically attract by being authentically YOU, doing what lights you up and makes your heart sing!
  • Being able to fly to anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat, to attend conferences, or meet up with colleagues or clients, without even blinking at the price, because you have a business that’s making money that you can expense that cost to.
  • Having the ability to meaningfully contribute to the charities you admire, because you actually have the time and money to do so.
  • Shouting friends or family to a beautiful meal at the best restaurant in town because you can. And not caring what the cost of the items on the menu are, because you know you can afford it.
  • …Or walking into your favourite designer store and purchasing a complete outfit again not worrying about the cost, just how it makes you feel to know you look like a million dollars!
  • Imagine flying so high in your life that you soar over your old boring and soul destroying cubicle job... and it’s so tiny, you can barely see it any more. Hello down there! And bye bye!
  • Most of all, imagine just doing whatever the heck you want with your life, all day, everyday. All year. Every. Single. Year. From. Now. On.

How do you feel imagining all that?

If you’re getting tingly thinking about it, if your heart skips a beat and you’re saying inside, “YES! I’ll have some of that,” then I have good news for you: that means you’re meant to have it, and that it’s possible for you!

I know it’s possible, because...

1) There are people all over the world right now that are LIVING this way, because this is what they desired and so they decided to create this reality for themselves. If they can, you can.

2) I’m doing it myself, and if I can, you definitely can.

I went from stressed, depressed and chained to my corporate desk for 20+ years, with lots of life challenges in between (like divorce, financial devastation and breast cancer) to now having the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world on my laptop, doing meaningful work that makes a difference in people’s lives, while funding the lifestyle of my dreams. I’ll tell you how I did that in a moment, but first let me introduce myself.

I’m Rebecca Sophia, life and business success coach for women globally (and some brave men) who want to create and grow an online business, make money, travel the world and live their most extraordinary lives.

It saddens me that most people and women especially hold themselves back, suppressing and not living their dreams because they think they can’t or they think they can’t afford to.

It wasn't that long ago when I was one of these women.....who held myself back and suppressed my desires. I know the suffering that comes when a woman denies herself what she really wants. I also know what’s possible when a woman does the opposite and goes after her true heart's desires.

"Rebecca has been extremely important in my life. She was an answered prayer. With her help I was able to determine what I really wanted and I was able to start making drastic changes. Changes that needed to happen but I was too afraid to face…

Now I believe in myself and since have left my corp job behind. Going through cancer was difficult but I am feeling better every day. Financially I am positive I will be better than okay….

Words can never explain the gratitude I have for Rebecca…I was in a very dark place and she pulled me out into the light. She offered clarity and hope and now I can begin a new chapter in my life."

Cristal M.

My life was at a stand still, and I needed direction to be myself and to take charge of my life. As soon as I started the program, I started to see my life changing for the better and started to believe in myself and my dreams and goals.

Opportunities have been coming my way and money has come in. I have noticed my confidence and my positive thinking has changed for the better. I loved the program and the ladies in the group. I wish I found Rebecca years ago.”

Carmen Gjalevski

For me everything took off in my life and business when I put one foot in front of the other and took the first few steps forward to creating a new reality for myself…

Step #1

I said YES to myself and my heart's desires.

Step #2

I made the DECISION to start my own business and create a NEW INCOME STREAM

Step #3

I hired a coach who was further along the path I wanted to be on, who could show me how to get there and keep me accountable

Step #4

I up-levelled my money mindset and wealth consciousness

Step #5

I BELIEVED my success was possible…and that my dream of living a better life was available to me

Step #6

I adopted the success mentality of the woman I wanted to become and started living that way every day

Step #7

I joined programs and masterminds and surrounded myself with life-minded people who were also striving to make their dreams a reality

This was the real turning point in my life! That's when...

  • I stepped into my own power as a woman
  • I got back in the drivers seat of my own life
  • I seized the moment and the opportunities that came to me
  • I started to make DECISIONS and take the actions from a place of being empowered and inspired
  • I followed my desires
  • I made travel a big part of my life, travelling for 4 whole months this last year to 12 amazing destinations (3 of them twice) with another 4 trips, planned, booked and paid for coming up this year!
  • I became visible and started to attract ideal clients and grow my business
  • I continued to back myself and invest in my personal development and growth

I’m now happier and healthier than I’ve ever been, because I’m actually LIVING my life. And when I look back on my life, I would be happy knowing that I lived life this way. My way! And will have no regrets…just beautiful memories and a legacy of a life well lived.

And I would be even happier knowing, that I’ve helped you with yours!

I have a dream and it’s now my life’s mission to show women like you globally what’s possible for them too!

To inspire and empower women in particular all over the world, to go after their dreams and desires

by helping them design and create a new Income Stream, a business they love, that makes them money and allows them to travel and live their most extraordinary lives. If that’s what they desire.

“Before I met Rebecca, I was in a fulltime job that was not fulfilling anymore, I was ready to make the switch. I needed guidance from an expert that has done it, too to streamline the time that I needed to avoid rookie mistakes.

Now I am feeling great and ready! I have been able to accomplish more in the past 3 months that I have accomplished in the past year. I have put together a great program, I have been able to travel places that I wanted to go and money is coming from different sources every day.

The experience exceeded my expectations! I knew that it was going to be good, but I was blown away with the quality of the program and the knowledge of Rebecca. She is truly a great coach.

I think anyone that is interested in making a career change and it is interested in achieving their dreams and desires can benefit from Rebecca's course.”

Sara Chevere

After I spoke to Rebecca and started the program, I started feeling a yearning inside to better my life. I now know that associating with like-minded people is so important and I’ve found that really powerful in the program.

I see Rebecca as a mentor and her positive energy has raised my vibration. The program is a really good foundation to think about where you want to be and what your desires are. To anyone considering the program I would say to say yes to yourself and honour where you want to be.”


Is that what you desire?

Then keep reading...

After taking the first 7 steps I mentioned above that turned my life around, I was clear that I wanted to:

Start an online coaching business, create a new stream of income doing something meaningful that I loved, where I got to use all of my talents, skills and experience.

This became my VISION!

I kept this vision at the forefront of my mind, I kept my vibration and energy high and I continued taking steps forward...

Step #8

I learned about and implemented the fundamental business systems and structures required to set up and grow a successful online business. (There are many steps under this one, and we will cover them ALL in this program!)

Step #9

I failed-forward and course corrected as I went along instead of waiting for everything to be perfect to take action.

Step #10

With the support of my mentor and coach, I kept going! Believing, trusting, implementing, course correcting and holding the vision & faith for the life and business I desired.

I took these steps.
They changed my life.
I'm here to show you how you can take these steps too
with my step-by-step program:


Self study program

This program combines everything I work with my private clients on, but in an self-study version, for a very small fraction of the cost.

It is 5 modules to be completed in your own time, with everything you need to create your online business and a new income stream.  

Create an Online Business and a new Income Stream

Learn how to create and build an online business with a funnel that works and is geared to get you clients and income. It's not rocket science but there is a science to it and I'm going to show you exactly how to put the right systems and structures in place to do this.

It's not too late and it doesn't have to be difficult.

Nothing is more difficult than living a life half lived.

Nothing is more difficult than the suffering and struggle that a woman faces when her heart desires one thing and her reality is another.

Or when her confidence and self esteem are so low that she doesn’t even feel worthy anymore of living the life she used to dream of once upon a time…

It’s a lot easier to live a life that lights you up.

If in your heart and soul you know intuitively that its time for you NOW in 2016 to do something for yourself and for your future, but you don't know where to start...

Start here.

Create an Online Business and a new Income Stream

Module 1

Attracting your ideal clients

  • Your Big WHY & who you’re meant to serve.
  • Market research - Communicating with your ideal clients & refining your solution.
  • Clarity & confidence on your ideal client.
  • Finding your sweet spot - aligning your client's paint with your solution.
  • Client requirement checklist – to only attract the clients you desire to work with.


Implement what you've learned

  • Following on from Module 1 you wil synthesize and implement what you’ve learned so far.
  • Continue your market research on your ideal clients, conduct interviews etc.This is the basis of your business, your message, your marketing and everything else you do from here on, so you must spend the time to get this right!

Module 2

Branding, marketing, websites, list building and more

  • Communicating to your ideal client & refining your solution (Website, Newsletters, Solo-mailers, Social Media Posts)
  • Your CRM solution and List Building
  • **BONUS Training with Marketing & Branding rising star - Minling Chuang
  • **BONUS tutorial on using Mailchimp
  • **BONUS tutorial on using Dropbox and Typeform too

Module 3

Your packages, programs
& sales pages

  • Eliminating the competition with your unique offerings –that set you apart
  • How to package, price and promote high end coaching packages
  • Speaking their language – Sales pages that sell
  • Setting healthy business boundaries, taking payment and preparing to receive your clients
  • **BONUS Training with expert Branding Photographer - Wendy Yaloom to prepare you for your photoshoot
  • **BONUS call with my amazing graphic designer Laura

Module 4

Your sticky sales funnel

  • FB Ads, squeeze pages, thank you pages, preview calls, teleseminars, webinars, email sequences
  • Putting yourself out there
  • Attracting your ideal clients – howling so your pack can hear you!
  • Setting up your sticky sales funnel (fb adds, squeeze pages, thank you pages, preview calls, teleseminars, webinars)
  • Getting your ideal client through your funnel, into your packages and programs and money in your bank account
  • **BONUS Training with FB adds specialist - Zanati Michaels

Module 5


  • Bringing it all together and making it happen!
  • Introduction to Discovery Calls and Sales training that will make you the next Sales Superstar!
  • What’s on the horizon? - Your next steps and 12 week plan.
  • **BONUS tutorial on designing a social media plan and getting yourself set up for maximum exposure, visibility and impact

With this self study course, you'll also get recorded

Bonus trainings with industry experts

Photography branding expert - Wendy Yalom

Wendy Yalom believes that through the experience of being seen and sharing our authenticity with the World, the world will be a freer place. Through her work as an award-winning international photographer, Wendy has successfully celebrated & captured 100s of women entrepreneurs fully expressed and on brand. Her visually-stunning images of coaches, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, authors & speakers inspire others to act in service to their own freedom and have been recognized by many as the industry standard in Personal Branding Photography. Wendy has been featured in the New York Times,, Wall Street Journal, Forbes & Yoga Journal to name a few.

Marketing & branding rising star - Minling Chuang

Minling loves brands. And good thing too because she has spent the past 8 years working with large brands such as Nestle Toll House, Lean Cuisine, and Toyota on their brand strategy. One of the products she launched even won product of the year! She is now on the mission to help other female entrepreneurs create eye-popping brands that make them stand out and get noticed. Minling doesn't just talk logos, colors or graphics, but she looks at the whole picture to pull out the uniqueness in each of her clients. Because it's the strategy behind the brand that counts.

Facebook Ads specialist - Zanati Michaels

Zanati is a seasoned business consultant and social media expert who specialises in Facebook ads. Zanati helps new and established business coaches generate targeted leads by designing and creating strategic and custom-built marketing and sales funnels that maximize conversions and boost profits. Zanati’s knowledge, experience and hands-on approach has so far helped create numerous six and seven figure business coaches across the world.

EPIC Sales Expert - Laura Wright

Laura’s On a Mission. With over 18+ years of selling experience and 39+ million in sales under her belt Laura knows that while you MUST sell to BE in business, you don’t have to struggle or feel slimy while you do it.  Her mission is to support Entrepreneurs just like YOU to master the art of selling in a way that feels GREAT and Creates Crazy High close rates.

Graphic Designer - Laura Patricelli

Laura Patricelli is a full-time branding & web designer at her studio, Design Mastermind NYC. Since 2005, Laura has helped entrepreneurs from all over the world create gorgeous websites and marketing materials for their new businesses. When she’s not busy designing, she enjoys dancing, traveling, practicing yoga, and experiencing the many delights of her home base, New York City.

You get:

Create your Online Business self study course

Only $499

All prices are in USD.  By purchasing this program you agree to the Terms and Conditions

Did someone say BONUSES?!

Extended Wealth Kit to sky rocket your wealth consciousness

3 x 30 min 1:1 Coaching calls with Rebecca

*Only available to the first 20 woman to purchase

Get the program and bonuses now for

Only $499

All prices are in USD.  By purchasing this program you agree to the Terms and Conditions

“I feel like a new woman! My income has almost doubled in the last 12 weeks just by following Rebecca’s steps. 20K Months are now my new normal!

With the program and Rebecca's help, I was able to start making drastic changes in my life, like leaving my corporate career behind and starting my own project management consulting business.

This is hands down the best online business course I have ever done, combining both mindset and business”

Janelle B.
JP Project Consulting

So what's included in the program?

Weekly work packets and exercises

PLUS access to previously recorded Q&A calls

  • You will receive immediate access to all content which includes:
  • a work packet for each module with everything you need to know about the weekly topic along with exercises, templates and worksheets etc for you to do.
  • You will also get an audio recording for that module to supplement what’s in the work packet.

Recorded Q&A calls

to address any questions you might have as you work through the program

  • With each module, there are recorded live Q&A calls for you to hear and learn from other women asking questions at each step of the way.

Private Facebook Group

  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with, support and be supported by other group members and by Rebecca
  • The purpose of this Facebook group is to share ideas, celebrate your success and gain the extra support you need as you prepare for “Takeoff”

When do classes begin?

Classes begin the moment you sign up! 

You will get access to all your materials, modules, recordings etc upon sign up, along with orientation materials and resources to get you started.

Consider this your boarding pass to the life and business of your dreams NOW!

Not just someday but TODAY!

So you can start living the life you say you want to live and “takeoff” in your business!

If your heart skips a beat at the thought of this, then give yourself permission to experience it!

And the best part about this program is it covers EVERYTHING you need to get you started and gives you the tools and resources to help you grow and scale your business, as a self study course (Which means you get it at a lower price and can go at your own pace) PLUS for a limited time only benefit from 3 BONUS private coaching calls with me.

What are the investment options again?

Get entire program

1) The modules to create an Online Business and new Income Stream

2) The weekly live call recordings

3) The recorded live masterclass trainings with guest speakers

4) The wealth kit to skyrocket your wealth consciousness, including audio's and pdfs to listen to, to read and learn, to supplement your learnings from the program

5) Access to our private Facebook group where you can be in community with other like minded women who are also creating businesses they love

6) BONUS 3 x 30 min calls with me *Limited to the first 10 women to purchase

And you pay

Only $499

All prices are in USD.  By purchasing this program you agree to the Terms and Conditions

Stuck in a rut and not having the courage I needed to follow my dreams and seeing no way out of this “mechanical lifestyle” was a very depressing thought… then the Universe brought Rebecca Sophia into my life and her 12 week program has given me the strength, belief and encouragement I needed to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that I can be free to live the life I truly deserve!  Her approach is one filled with love and the true concern a burning desire to want to help women succeed - a very rare and beautiful trait! 

I can never thank you enough for changing my life and for giving me the tools I needed to start my own dream business. Since starting the program I have made consistently over $6000 US per month and have travelled to Australia twice, as well as London, Athens, Florence and Barcelona, showing others what’s possible for them too when they follow their dreams and invest in themselves and their business.

Angela Haralambous +357 99 357366

“Rebecca’s approach of getting real with my current life first and then planning and going for the life I truly desired was the key that turned everything around for me.”

Rania P.

“Supremely motivating and inspiring! Your wise words and years of experience lead me to many ‘aha’ moments during our session and I was left feeling invigorated and excited to take immediate action on all we had worked on.”

Tara C.

You've gotten this far. You know you want it.  Why don't you ask yourself this:

Are you seeking...

  • Guidance to create a new stream of income and a business you love, that gives you the trifecta of money, time and location freedom?
  • To be shown how to design, create, brand and market your own packages and programs that attract your ideal clients who can’t wait to work with you?
  • To learn step by step how to put together and implement a sales funnel that works - to get clients in one end and money in your bank account on the other?
  • Connection with, to be a support to and get support from other global woman entrepreneurs around the world?
  • Training with industry experts on facebook ads, branding and sales

Then do yourself this favour!

Only $499

All prices are in USD. By purchasing this program you agree to the Terms and Conditions

Are you seeking...

  • ALL of the above AND a coach that is experienced in life and business and is committed and cares about your success to support you on your journey, with some private coaching calls?
  • A self study program to allow you to go at your own pace and save y ou thousands of dollars in tuition fees that you can use instead on your business
  • A method that works, that you can just learn and implement in your own time but still be plugged into a system and sisterhood that is supportive and inspiring?

Then this program is definitely for you.  Don't waste another minute of your life!

What you seek is seeking you...

~ Rumi

Come join me on the program and give yourself permission to “Take off” in the direction of your dreams this year

start making a LIVING

rather than a DYING

What are you waiting for?

You will get immediate access to the course upon signup, with orientation materials and resources to get you started.

Come fly with me

Still not sure?

If you're still not sure or you have some questions, click here to book a Discovery Call so I can answer your questions and we can explore your options together!

“I have taken many courses in my quest to find my purpose and the right business for me, but its not until I invested in myself and started working with Rebecca that it all started to come together. I am now well on my way to building my business and living the life of my dreams.”

Kristine S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this program is right for me?

This program is for you if:

  • You are coachable and willing to put in the energy and effort it requires to “takeoff” and get the results you desire.
  • You are committed and dedicated to your success
  • You are willing to take the steps and action required to achieve success, whatever it takes
  • You have desires and dreams of living an extraordinary life and are no longer available for anything less
  • You have a coaching or service based business already setup and you are not getting consistent clients and income and you are now looking to course correct and do what it takes to turn things around
  • Or you have just started a coaching or service based business and want direction on how to proceed.
  • Or you have an idea for a coaching or service based business that you want to get started straight away.

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are not motivated or willing to put the required work into the program to achieve success
  • You are looking for an easy ride or get rich quick scheme, without doing any work
  • You are not willing to complete the weekly homework and exercises or readings
  • You are not willing to change your views, ideas or behaviours to assist you in your success in any way

How is this different from private one-on-one coaching or a live group program?

This program is a self study program and as such is at a lower investment for you. If you are getting started and want to get the foundations you need to create and grow your online business, but don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a live program or private coaching, then this is for you.  You will not get the one-on-one individual attention that my private clients get, but you will get all the information to work through at your own pace.

Why choose this self study program?

A self study program offers several unique benefits, including a very reduced investment price, and access to a private Facebook community...

  • Surrounding yourself with other women just like you is very important when you’re starting out. Women who are also taking a stand for their lives, saying “Yes!” to their desires and dreams and preparing to “takeoff” in their business, that will keep you in good stead as you get ready for the same.
  • You will learn so much, just being in community and in proximity with other high vibrational women who are really going for their dreams. You will learn from the recorded live group call interactions and the questions they ask, as well as the coaching and mentoring they receive and vice versa.
  • It’s a positive influence in your business and life. This has certainly been the case for me in the programs and masterminds that I've been enrolled in. I’ve made beautiful friends as well as felt positively supported and encouraged as I took each step forward.
  • These groups are small and intimate by design to ensure you get the attention you need, and the interaction necessary as you get your business off the ground.

But I'm working full time, or I'm swamped with my business and I don't have any free time to do the program?

Not having enough time is the No 1 excuse we all give ourselves, to not do something. We all have the same 24 hrs a day and we always have enough time to do the important things to us, don’t we? So the question then is, how important is this to you?

When I first started my business, I worked around the clock to fit it all in, because starting my business was important to me. I was willing to work hard and I did what I had to do, so I could get onto doing what I wanted to do, sooner. You’ve heard the saying - If something is important you’ll make the time, if not you’ll make an excuse. So which is it for you?

Do I need an office or a fancy set up to run my business?

Absolutely not! For most of the time during the day its just me, with my phone, my laptop and an internet connection. That’s it. (Usually I’m in my Pj’s at home, except for when I’m at travelling - then I’m either at an airport or a beautiful hotel or resort where you’ll find me in a swim or play suit 🙂 again with just my phone, my laptop and an internet connection.  The only other thing you really need to run your business apart from your phone, laptop and internet, is your commitment, your focus, your determination and the work you will put in!

But I’m not technical, don’t I need to be to run an online business?

No, you don’t need to be technical to run an online business. I’m not technical either. I’ve found that the tools I needed to learn to use, to run my business, were intuitive and user friendly. You don’t need to know how to do all the techy stuff, but you need to be informed so you know what you can do, and what you can hire others to do. It's your attitude to learning new technology and not your techy skill level that will make difference.

But I'm shy and introverted. Don’t I need to be more ‘out there’, to be successful?

This is a complete myth. Anyone can be successful in business, whether they are introverted or extroverted, as long as they are committed to their success and they are focused, willing and able to take the necessary steps and actions, which I will teach you on the program to take, in order to be successful in your online business.

But there is so much economic unrest and change going on in the world, won’t this affect my business?

There is no greater time in history, to start and grow an online business. With the advancement of technology and the sheer amount of people that are currently online and will be as predicted in the near future, this is the best time to jump in. There are always going to be changes and challenges going on in the world and this will only bring with it, as it always does, more opportunities. So my advice is, grab this opportunity that is before you and follow the desires of your heart to do this! You won’t regret it. Your success if 100% guaranteed, so you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

“Rebecca has opened new doors in my thinking and has given me the courage to believe that I really can be who I want to be. It has helped equip me with some of the tools that I need in order to see my goals actualised.”

Rita M.

“After my intensive session I felt reborn. Rebecca had me focus on my desires and what I really wanted for my life. I can’t thank Rebecca enough for helping me find myself again.” 

Gabrielle O.

"I was confused and scared. I had no idea what direction I wanted to take my life in. I had been 'stalking' a few life coaches online... One day Rebecca sent me an email that resonated deeply within! When I thought about her words in that email I decided that I needed to do something about my life, I needed to take control with both hands! I booked a Discovery Session! OMG! During the call, I knew that Rebecca was the person I had been looking for and longing to come into my life and wake me up! 

Rebecca, there are no words to convey how much I am grateful for your input, feedback and guidance! I cannot thank you enough! For the first time in my life, I feel as though I have a life. I'm on track. My business is on track and I just cannot wait to see what amazing things unfold in my future! I'm not scared nor confused anymore!!"

Tracie M.



Still have questions?

I understand, sometimes there are more questions that you need to ask before committing.  If you are ready to say yes to yourself, and ready to commit to investing in the program, but just have some questions you'd like to ask me first, then please reach out to me by booking a discovery call using the button below, or send an email to my team on