Starting from Scratch?

Starting something new can be exciting and scary at the same time. Especially when you’ve never done that thing before that you now want to start.

I’ve felt these mixed feelings many a time in my life as I changed careers and started new jobs, started new businesses, started new relationships, started new ventures etc.  But in my heart, even though I was starting from scratch each time and didn’t know exactly where I was going,

I knew…

  • that there is no one who had embodied greatness and succeeded in anything who didn’t start from scratch at one point
  • that getting started would take discipline and require focus and commitment as there would inevitably be obstacles and hurdles that I would need to overcome
  • that the going would get tough and that I most likely would feel overwhelmed and feel like giving up.
  • that 99% of the population either start and give up when the going gets tough, or don’t get started at all

          But I also knew… I truly desired to be in the 1% that succeeded.

It was a non negotiable for me, because

Staying where I was, was no longer an option.

Failure and giving up was not an option either. So I started. And over time I figured out a system to help me not only get started with anything new I wanted to embark on, but to succeed in it also and now I want to share this system with you.

So lets get started

Come on… Are you ready?

Let’s go!

I’ll show you the way.

This system is my Getting Started Program and it’s designed to take you from

Where you are right now ———————— > to where you want to be.

The modules are designed in a way to uniquely tailor a plan for you, to guide you specifically into a new perspective and a new life and world that awaits you.

It will align you with your purpose, release your blocks and revive your vision.

This program will help you get started and give you a map to get you there.

This is the map that will take you

from start   ———————— >    to finish

then again from start     ———————— >    to finish and so on

You will learn

a Getting Started System

that you can apply over and over again

In our lives we always need to start over again in some aspects and respects, as we receive new knowledge and as we travel on our journey…because we veer off…then need to veer back again…

This course is a map for that journey to take you

from vision    ———————— >    to vision

No more struggle in the process of the start

you will learn

how to problem solve    ——————– >    and move past obstacles

how to create a plan   ——————— >    and then how to follow that plan

so you can achieve what you set out to achieve.

Here is what my clients Karina and Angela had to say about the program.

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