There are many paths to take on the journey of life…

….I hope you choose the path that leads you to experience the SUCCESS you crave and deserve!

May your journey be beautiful with many blessings along the way.

I hope you enjoy abundant success with your every endeavour.

Don’t be disheartened by fear, frustration or apparent failure. The journey is long and your ability to persevere and persist and keep going no matter what, are what will set you apart from the rest and lead you to the kind of joy and happiness that only a truly successful life can bring.

Hi I’m Rebecca Sophia, Life and Business Success Coach and I have developed a Success Secrets Self Study Program that teaches you the secrets to success and guides you to create the success that you desire and deserve in your own life.

What you will get:

blue tickThe principles and laws of success and how they work and you will also get into the daily habit of practicing those principles and laws that will allow you to achieve both mastery and success.

blue tickAn understanding of the common denominator of success, that all successful people actually do daily to attain success and keep it.

blue tickTo experience the success you crave daily as we bring all success factors together and start living your life the way you would each day, if you were already successful.

blue tickA definite plan with your priorities for the next 12 months mapped out in 90-day chunks that you cannot only manage but action and manifest

I am very grateful that you have crossed my path Rebecca!

I had been starting to feel overwhelmed as good things were coming, but I didn’t know how to start or reshuffle my time for example, and Rebecca helped put things in to perspective for me.

I feel that I’m heading in a much better direction then what I was six months ago. Thank you again for supporting me through this I am very grateful”


“Rebecca has been extremely important in my life. She was an answered prayer. With her help I was able to determine what I really wanted and I was able to start making drastic changes. Changes that needed to happen but I was too afraid to face…

Now I believe in myself and since have left my corp job behind.  Words can never explain the gratitude I have for Rebecca…I was in a very dark place and she pulled me out into the light. She offered clarity and hope and now I can begin a new chapter in my life.”

Cristal M

My life was at a stand still, and I needed direction to be myself and to take charge of my life. As soon as I started the program, I started to see my life changing for the better and started to believe in myself and my dreams and goals.

I have noticed my confidence and my positive thinking has changed for the better. I loved the program and the ladies in the group. I wish I found Rebecca years ago.”

Carmen Gjalevski

What’s included in the program:

Module 1 – Success Begins with your Desires

As Napoleon Hill reminds us, “The starting point of all achievement is desire” so we begin through a series of exercises to take a close look at your dreams and desires, especially the secret ones, that hold the key to your success and happiness.

Module 2 – Thoughts, Words, Actions, Beliefs become things

Learn the fundamental principles to attracting the success you desire and deserve. From the thoughts you think to the words you use, to the beliefs you hold, as well as the actions you take. All of these affect your vibrational frequency, which will attract or repel success in your life depending on where you’re at. If you’re not experiencing the success you crave this could be why.

Module 3 – Prioritising your Success and Creating a Definite Plan

When you have a definite plan prioritised to your heart’s desires and intentions and you have investigated the funding required to live out that life of your dreams, success is inevitable. Without these success is literally impossible. Find out how to do this in your life and reap all the rewards.

Module 4 – Mastering the common denominator of Success

Learn about the common denominator of success that all successful people have learned and mastered that will give you the success you desire daily which ultimately leads you to lifelong success in anything you undertake.

Module 5 – Determination – the key secret to success

Cultivate your determination to succeed and learn to foster certain daily habits that if you do, will almost certainly put you on the right track to your success and more importantly keep you on it.

Module 6 – Start Living as if you are already successful

Everything in your life can improve, once you decide that you will be living differently – the way you truly want to live on a daily basis! Through a series of exercises and coaching methods, learn to optimize each and every day and live your ideal life now by improving your time, scheduling, delegating, journaling and self care skills.

Module 7 – Tools To Get Started

My personal collection of success tools and resources I use and how I use them including the common denominators of success, an audio interview with me on the Art of Personal Mastery, my 90 day Plan method, my life and business wheel, my wealth kit and so much more.

The Investment


Rebecca is awesome! She is a very present women and coach. I felt very supported by her.  I made a great decision by taking Rebecca’s program. Working with Rebecca Sophia has been a great experience. I gained clarity, I achieved my personal and business goals. I up-levelled my money consciousness and also other areas in my life.  Thanks, Rebecca!”

Karina Falcon

“Eye opening, inspiring and life changing. I’ve enjoyed working through the modules they have challenged me to really think. I love her approach, its so kind, intelligent, speaks to the heart and makes perfect sense!  I’ve felt her alongside me the whole way. I’m feeling really great and started changing things in my life. My perspective has shifted; I think and act differently as I’m now more aware of what I want. I’ve re-ignited a business I started 2 years ago so I’m working on developing that. Doing Rebecca’s program has exceeded my expectations!

Angela Sothern

After Rebecca’s program, I feel confident and clear in my direction. I’m really grateful to Rebecca for her amazing support and resources to help me get to where I want to be!”

Jenna Black

Online business coach and content strategist