Vision & Desires


Product Description

What you will get

Understanding of who you are and what you really want including your purpose, your core values and your big why for being on this planet

A wake up call financially– as we determine your current budget (income and expenses) where you are right now exactly, which is a necessary part of getting to where you desire to be

Clarity on your heart’s desires and the life you envision and dream of and what it will cost you to get there, so you can develop a clear and real plan for you to follow

Inspiration and Confidence to be the woman you truly are inside and always knew one day you would become with tools and resources to support you to do that

What’s included in the program

Module 1 – Get Started with your Vision & Desires

You will get to uncover through a series of coaching exercises, who you really are and what you really want for your life. You will determine the core values that drive you and what you were born to do to live a true and authentic life for you

Module 2 – Where Are You Right Now?

In this module you will take stock of where you are now so you can begin to get grounded financially. We will take a close look at your monthly income and expenses and get real with your current financial reality

Module 3 – Planning For The Life You Really Want

In this module we will get clear on your desires, set your life intentions and work out what it would cost you to live that life now. This isn’t pie in the sky planning. This is a real look at how you can create the life you truly desire to live.

Module 4 – Making It Happen

Once we’ve worked through the above we get down to business by prioritising your life intentions and desires and focusing on your top priorities first with a 90 day plan to make them happen.

Module 5 – Tools To get Started

My personal collection of success tools and resources I use and how I use them including my 90 day Plan method, my life and business wheel, my wealth kit, a free session with me and more.


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