Let’s get started
Come on
Are you ready?
Let’s go
I’ll show you the way

It’s your time NOW to begin creating the life you want
Getting Started – is the first step to your success!

Whatever is in your heart:
to do
to be
to have
to create

I will support you to

The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step

Take that first step now and get started.

Life is too short to waste

I’ve been where you are now…where I wanted to make a change in my life…



in the way I felt about myself…


with my relationship with time


with money…


in my career…

but didn’t know where to start.

I’d lost myself through a series of events that happened in my life



Intuitively I knew I had
to start moving
in the direction
I wanted to go,

even though I didn’t know exactly where that was,

or how to get there.

I knew moving forward meant movement

That movement would bring momentum

And that momentum would bring the magic back into my life


and bring my mojo back

So I started by taking baby steps…

 Tiny little baby steps…

that I took even without knowing what the end result would be

and without any guarantees that what I was starting,

would yield the outcome I was looking for.

The only guarantee clearly was that if I didn’t start,

then I would definitely never get to where I wanted to go

(even though I didn’t know exactly where that was) and

Staying where I was, was no longer an option

In fact the PAIN of staying where I was, was at that point greater than

the FEAR I had of failing if I started.



I took a step in the direction of my dreams.

I had a vague idea of what I wanted.

I decided to start, by cutting off from all other options

and to focus just on this new life and world I wanted to create

and the new feelings I wanted to feel.


I committed to myself to keep going no matter what


And I courageously took action everyday,

putting one foot in front of the other…

I kept going with the faith that I would succeed.

 Even though I was starting from scratch and didn’t know exactly where I was going.


I knew…


that there is no one who had embodied greatness and succeeded in anything who didn’t start from scratch at one point.


that getting started would take discipline and require focus and commitment as there would inevitably be obstacles and hurdles that I would need to overcome


that the going would get tough and that I most likely would feel overwhelmed and feel like giving up.


that 99% of the population either start and give up when the going gets tough, or don’t get started at all

But I also knew…
I had to be in the 1% that succeeded.

It was a non negotiable for me, because


I’m happy to say I did succeed and I’d love to show you what I did

and help you succeed too.

So lets get started
Come on
Are you ready?
Let’s go!
I’ll show you the way.

This Getting Started program is designed to take you from



The modules are designed in a way to uniquely tailor a plan for you, to guide you specifically into a new perspective and a new life and world that awaits you.

This course will align you with your purpose,

release your blocks and

revive your vision

This program will help you get started and give you a map to get you there.

This is the map that will take you





You will learn

 a Getting Started System

 that you can apply over and over again

In our lives we always need to start over again

in some aspects and respects


as we receive new knowledge


and as we travel on our journey…


we veer off…


then need to veer back again…

This course is a map for that journey to take you


No more struggle in the process of the start,

you will learn





so you can achieve what you set out to achieve.

I know this program will benefit you in so many ways.

In some ways you have benefited already

from what I have shared with you so far, haven’t you?

Imagine what can happen when you immerse yourself into a transformational program like this



but to keep you going and have you succeeding in what you are getting started to do, be have, create

In this program you will:


Gain from my experience and get the same Start steps I used to go from barely enough to living the life of my dreams.


Understand your strengths and how they work to build your weaknesses into more strengths


Get in touch with the vision that has been inside you for so long.


Create a new world for your life with the support and love you’ve only till now dreamed of


Start to be the woman you truly are inside and always knew one day you would become

Here’s what’s included in the program:


Module 1 – Just Get Started

You will hone in on your self worth and take the right steps to get started with “that thing” you’ve always wanted to start – whatever it may be. You will take the first steps to building the life you really want to live.

Module 2 – New Perspective / World

This is where you will take that vision of yours and align it with your deepest heart’s desires. This then becomes your blueprint for your success.  In this module, you’ll begin to see – the life you truly desire to live, is in reach.

Module 3 – Success In The New World

You will tap into your subconscious mind and use it to develop new daily thoughts and habits to manifest your new life. You will also receive essential steps to manage your time as you create new habits.

Module 4 – Beginning Your New Life

Letting go of the old and beginning the new, this module becomes your boarding pass for moving past old obstacles that may have seemed impossible to overcome in the past. You will make a new start and begin your new life  – as the new you.

Module 5 – Tools To Get Started

My personal collection of success tools, the exact resources I use and how I use them to best support my success will be available to you.


Get free coaching

The first 10 people to book will receive a free coaching session, valued at $250


The Investment


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Let this be the break (and the sign) you have been waiting for.


I am very grateful that you have crossed my path Rebecca!

I had been starting to feel overwhelmed as good things were coming, but I didn’t know how to start or reshuffle my time for example, and Rebecca helped put things in to perspective for me.

I feel that I’m heading in a much better direction then what I was six months ago. Thank you again for supporting me through this I am very grateful”


“Rebecca has been extremely important in my life. She was an answered prayer. With her help I was able to determine what I really wanted and I was able to start making drastic changes. Changes that needed to happen but I was too afraid to face…

Now I believe in myself and since have left my corp job behind.  Words can never explain the gratitude I have for Rebecca…I was in a very dark place and she pulled me out into the light. She offered clarity and hope and now I can begin a new chapter in my life.”

Cristal M

My life was at a stand still, and I needed direction to be myself and to take charge of my life. As soon as I started the program, I started to see my life changing for the better and started to believe in myself and my dreams and goals.

I have noticed my confidence and my positive thinking has changed for the better. I loved the program and the ladies in the group. I wish I found Rebecca years ago.”

Carmen Gjalevski

This course was designed with you in mind, because

GETTING STARTED  – as simple as it may seem,

holds some difficult steps…

like having the courage and faith to start and keep going

when the outcome is uncertain and there is no guarantee you will succeed


This course gives you the permission you need

to move forward into your new journey


It gives you the space and the steps to create a new future

starting from right where you are right now


Take off in your new life by getting started today,

NEW adventures and opportunities await you!

 Your time is NOW!

For just



you can get started TODAY!



The first 50 women to
purchase the program with receive a
BONUS 30 min coaching call valued at $250

Rebecca is awesome! She is a very present women and coach. I felt very supported by her.  I made a great decision by taking Rebecca’s program.

Working with Rebecca Sophia has been a great experience. I gained clarity, I achieved my personal and business goals. I up-levelled my money consciousness and also other areas in my life.  Thanks, Rebecca!”

Karina Falcon

“Eye opening, inspiring and life changing.

I’ve enjoyed working through the modules they have challenged me to really think. I love her approach, its so kind, intelligent, speaks to the heart and makes perfect sense!  I’ve felt her alongside me the whole way.

I’m feeling really great and started changing things in my life. My perspective has shifted; I think and act differently as I’m now more aware of what I want. I’ve re-ignited a business I started 2 years ago so I’m working on developing that.

Doing Rebecca’s program has exceeded my expectations!

Angela Sothern

After Rebecca’s program, I feel confident and clear in my direction.

I’m really grateful to Rebecca for her amazing support and resources to help me get to where I want to be!”

Jenna Black

Online business coach and content strategist

This is YOUR life

 Decide how YOU

want to live it

Stop putting off your dreams and passions for some day in the future.


There is no someday.

 Today is the day.

Get started NOW.


ONLY $99

you can get started TODAY!


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Meet my Amazing Apprentices

These women have in some way big or small

contributed to the creation of these programs

I have a dreamthat all women one day are in charge of their destiny!

That women everywhere have freedom of choice to live as they choose. And more importantly, that they have the means, the money, (the freedom) with which to make that choice happen. So that they don’t EVER have to financially or emotionally depend on anyone else for their existence, survival and happiness.

This dream had been on my heart for a while… and in January 2016 I got a divine download to do something about it in the form of affordable online products for women around the globe, to show them a better way to think, to make money, to live and to succeed.

I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I was inspired to put out one post to see who else was called to help and got 63 applications literally from all around the world from women wanting to be a part of my dream.  I was extremely humbled and I took them all in (because my heart couldn’t turn anyone away that wanted to be of service in this world)

Through natural attrition and willingness to see the program through the following amazing apprentices remained with me to co-create and birth 5 new products in 2016 that will help women in this way, no matter where they find themselves on their journey today – of which this Get Started program is the first.

An extra special mention therefore goes to Cristal Kelly Marshall, Anastasia Giovanoglou, Jess Quinlan, Corina Poole, Mina Velani, Janine Cera, Bernadette Dallas and Cassandra Rook for going the distance with the program. Thank you! You gave of your time, skills and energy to help other women. You stayed the distance and that is one of the secrets to success. Thanks again and God Bless! xx

They are now affiliates of these programs and earn money by promoting them and you can too.

Once you take one of my courses you are eligible to become an affiliate and start earning money too, to live your life the way you choose.

 (Ask us about it when you’re on the inside)


Hi I’m Rebecca Sophia a life and business coach for women entrepreneurs globally who want to create and grow an online business, make money, travel the world and live their most extraordinary lives.

I’ve lived many lives already it seems myself, having made millions, lost millions, made it again, run 4 businesses, raised 2 teenagers, beat cancer, survived a divorce, which was even harder, found my calling as a coach… and now work with clients all over the world. I live in Sydney, but you can meet me in Paris, San Tropez, Capri, Rome, London, New York, or LA. Or, find me first at rebeccasophia.com.