12 Month Private Coaching Package

Welcome Packet

A substantive Welcome Packet with detailed and specific questions for you to complete prior to and in preparation for your coaching intensives. (With this 12 month container there are 4 in total – 1 full day at the beginning and 3 quarterly 2.5 hour intensives).

My time

My time, in order to review your completed packet and to prepare and plan for your 4 intensives, as well as your weekly coaching sessions for 12 months. Specific and focused time and effort is put into this on my part to ensure you get the best results possible and the most out of our time together.

1 x Full Day Intensive

A Full Day (7 Hour Skype or in person Intensive) to get a clear high level view on where you’re at, and to create a plan of action / High Level Roadmap for our time together.

3 x Quarterly Intensives

3 quarterly 2.5hr intensives following your full day intensive, to dive in deeper than the weekly sessions allow. To check in, measure progress, address any issues and concerns, make changes to your plan if required and prepare you for next quarter specifically that will put you in better stead to you achieve your yearly plans and goals.

Your Road Map

Your High Level Roadmap focusing on the next 12 months, with quarterly milestones based on your true desires, values and Big Why, overlaid with your current reality of income and expenses, to charter and guide your actions going forward.

Private Coaching Sessions

36 coaching sessions x 30 minutes each over a 12 month period (3 sessions a month) providing you with plenty of direct coaching and mentoring, accountability as well as an implementation week each month to allow you to synthesize your learnings and put them into action. These weekly sessions are specifically tailored to YOU and YOUR business, YOUR life, YOUR plan & next steps. We focus on you implementing step by step, the external systems and structures required to establish your business (or other assets) as well as the internal mindset shifts that need to occur to ensure your success.

Additional Monthly Information

Access to the complete Takeoff in your Life and Business Program (including all exercises and modules) to assist you in developing your business, covering topics such as:

  • Your desires and getting intimate with your money
  • Wealth consciousness and success mindset
  • Your target market, ideal customers and profit clarity
  • The masculine structures required and your feminine offerings, packages & programs
  • Fuelling your business with marketing, branding, website, social media, community, list building, Facebook ads, newsletters, solo mailers, etc.
  • Coaching techniques, discovery calls, VIP Days, sales techniques


$1,250 a month for 12 months

Payment plan available on request. Book your call so we can discuss http://www.rebeccasophia.com/discovery