Gelato, Cheese and Online Business

Before this last trip to Italy I hated gelato. I know hate is a strong word, but I was convinced I did. I’ve always been a savoury kind of gal. Give me a good blue vein cheese or double cream King Island Camembert with crackers any day and I’m in 7th heaven.

I did enjoy some sweets now and then – baked ricotta cheese cake for example – maybe because it had cheese in it (did I mention I love cheese? 🙂 but very rarely did I eat ice cream and never ever gelato. I had it once, felt sick and I avoided it like the plague ever since.

Without a doubt if I had to pick between sweets or cheese for dessert at any restaurant, I would definitely always go the cheese. And if there was no cheese or baked ricotta cheese cake on the menu, I would skip dessert. But in Italy, I saw everyone having gelato all day, everyday and they all looked happy and joyful, so I decided I’d give it another go. When in Rome right?!

And OMG was I blown away….!


Firstly because the gelato itself was out of this world divine, but also because I discovered something new about me. That I do actually love gelato! Since that day I too had gelato everyday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I would experiment each day, trying a few different flavours on the little plastic spoons they had for tasting and then I would make a well rounded decision on which flavour I would have that day. It was like I’d opened up a whole new world for me that I didn’t know existed.

To think, that I had let one bad experience, deprive me of a whole new world of enjoyment, made me question where else I have been so closed off in my life before. Where else had I already decided what I liked or didn’t like, what I wanted and didn’t want, what I was prepared to do or not do, without exploring the terrain? Without giving myself and these other things a chance?

Many places it seemed – with my work, with my relationships, everywhere. Can you relate?

So my message to you today is – give yourself a chance to explore and experience all of what is on offer. Don’t be quick to stay as you’ve always been. To be the same, to think the same, to do the same as you’ve always done.

Allow yourself a chance to experiment with new things, new ideas, new experiences and be shaped by them. Not literally – although lots of gelato can definitely shape you differently – I can attest to that, but I mean as a person who learns and grows from their life.

That is why we are here, I believe.
To learn and grow and experience and evolve and change.
Life will find a way to do this for us in any case, with some of the lessons it throws our way, but get into the habit of doing this for yourself as well where you can. You’ll be more prepared and equipped for the bigger things, when you’re not so afraid to step outside your comfort zone for the little things.

So as you go about your week this week, see what new thing you can try. What new experience you can have. What new version of you, can exist in this wonderful world of ours. Then hit reply and let me know how you go. I would love to know.

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And as an extra sweetener or a savoury (whichever you prefer), why don’t you try it for 2 weeks and if its not for you, I will swap it for a new course I’m about to release next week called – Get Started so you can get started on something else.

You have nothing to loose, just everything to gain.

Hope to see you inside the program!

All my love

PS, Do you love gelato too? If yes, do you pick the same flavour ever time? Do you ask to try a few flavours before you decide? Or do you just wait outside and have someone else order for you?

If you’re not fussed on the flavour and are happy to wait outside while someone orders for you, then chances are you’re not going to love your gelato experience which tells me a lot about you and how you feel about life too. Because –

How you do one thing is how you do all things in life.

If you’re content with someone else making your decisions for you, working for someone else, doing what someone else tells you to do, then you won’t get to explore and experience new things and find out what you like, what you might be good at, what you love etc.

You also don’t get to take full responsibility for your actions, someone else does that for you, but the downside of that is, you don’t get the opportunity to change your actions, if you try them and they don’t work out. You get to stay stuck and miss out on living your own life.

This is your life, you can go out and explore and experience it today, or not. The choice is yours.


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