I fell in love…And I’m going back!

I fell in love with Italy…and when I got back last week I fell in a heap.
I don’t know if I had the gelato blues, or withdrawal symptoms from all the truffle pasta and margarita pizzas I ate, but I was feeling flat and for many nights I lay wide awake counting my blessings and sheep… while each day, I struggled to keep my eyes open, even after drinking double the caffeine! I was jet lagged.

After sleeping for 15 hours straight yesterday, I think I’m finally over the jetlag…

But Italy… I will never get over. I fell in love with life again there and I will be going back.

If you travelled with me virtually you’d know that it was an amazing 3 weeks mixed with both business and pleasure – which is how I like to roll. Here are some pics.
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I also filmed the highlights live and shared them on social media  – as my “Travel through Italy virtually with me videos” and the response blew me away. I’ve had many requests to share them again and all in one place, so we’ve placed them on my YouTube channel – all 35 of them!

If you missed any of them you can watch them here where I take you from takeoff in the Business Class Lounge and Cabin in Brisbane Australia, to Rome via a Dubai stopover, over to Romiaggiorre, Cinque Terre, to Naples, then the Amalfi coast from Capri to Positano to Ravello and then fabulous Florence.

I share candidly, unscripted and uncut  – what I’m seeing, what I’m feeling, what I’m learning and what you can learn in both your life and business with my tips, ideas, distinctions that I share as I travel and run my business from my laptop.

I fell in love with life all over again in Italy and I’m already planning my next trip, this time next year. And this time, I’m going to take you with me for real, rather than just virtually, if Italy is on your bucket list or in your heart too?
I will be hosting a Takeoff in your Life and Business Retreat in Italy next June and I would love for you to join me. There will be amazing food and lots of cultural experiences and adventures all mixed in with real life and business coaching so you can do what Im doing, if that appeals to you. If you’re interested, hit reply and let me know as I start to make preliminary plans for us.


All my love


PS. There are some BONUS Videos as well that I haven’t yet shared with a soul because my logic was, I didn’t think I looked nice or sounded great,  but I’ve decided to share them with you my lovely subscribers, in the hope that they inspire you to stay authentically you as you keep going for your dreams, while remaining grateful for the journey – no matter how you look or sound.

The real truth is  – We are all beautiful when being ourselves and that is what the world needs more of – that special unique gift that only we have. And when we get out of our own way and share that gift. we never know who will be watching or listening and what that message can do for that person’s life.

Here’s a BONUS video from Positano you will enjoy. The scenery is breathtaking and I share some life tips to help you in your life and or business. Its called BONUS #17A Sneak Peek – Taking notice of the beauty of life from yellow paddle boat in Positano + life coaching tips and you can watch it here along with all the other videos from my trip.

PSS. If you want a life where you can work and travel like this too, you can and I can show you how. Book in a call with me and lets have a chat

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