“Before I worked with Rebecca, I felt confused about what to offer and how. I felt I needed a very complete program, which could lead me to gain clarity.

Rebecca is awesome. She is a very present women and coach. I felt very supported by her.  The calls were priceless! Within two months I hit my money goals and I gained clarity about my offers. I made a great decision by taking Rebecca's program. My money consciousness changed radically. With one simple word Rebecca took me to my next level. It was not only about my money goal but how I empower myself in that goal, the way I feel making that amount of money monthly!! The live calls were awesome and I really felt cared for and listened to! 

The whole experience exceeded my expectations!! Working with Rebecca Sophia has been a great experience. I gained clarity about my offers and about my relationship with money. I achieved my personal and business goals. I up-leveled my money consciousness and also other areas in my life.  Thanks, Rebecca!"

Karina Falcon


“I would describe it as eye opening, inspiring and life changing”

I was feeling frustrated with my career as it wasn't giving me the lifestyle that I really wanted.... a fulfilled life on my terms!

Following a discovery call with Rebecca, I knew she would be the perfect coach to work with.

I’ve enjoyed working through the modules and really thinking in a different way. It has challenged me to really think. I love her approach, its so kind, intelligent, speaks to the heart and makes perfect sense!

Since starting this my life goals have really showed up, I have a can do attitude, I have self belief and I know I'm capable of so much more than I was doing. I've started journaling and writing down things more, this has helped me stay calm and focused.

Rebecca was always very responsive to emails and questions and social media posts. I've felt her alongside me the whole way.

I’m feeling really great and started changing things in my life. My perspective has shifted; I think and act differently as I’m now more aware of what I want. I've re-ignited a business I started 2 years ago so I'm working on developing that.

The FB Group was great and the materials were very easy to use.

It exceeded my expectations!

Angela Sothern


"I hit 5k months consistently from my business coaching when previously I was freelancing to support the business.

After Rebecca's program, I feel confident and clear in my direction. I know I can achieve my income goals and business goals in smarter, easier ways. I've seen my income increase and my marketing message become a lot clearer.

...It’s a really good framework for your business and a really good blueprint for everything you need to create success in an online business….You’ve got everything there to go off to create your own success!

I'm really grateful to Rebecca for her amazing support and resources to help me get to where I want to be!"

Jenna Black
Online business coach and content strategist

“Just the mindset part of the program alone has helped me in huge ways...more than I could have imagined! I am very grateful that you have crossed my path!

I had been starting to feel overwhelmed as good things were coming, but I didn’t know how to reshuffle my time for example, and Rebecca helped put things in to perspective for me.

I feel that I'm heading in a much better direction then what I was six months ago. Thank you again for supporting me through this I am very grateful"


"Rebecca has been extremely important in my life. She was an answered prayer. With her help I was able to determine what I really wanted and I was able to start making drastic changes. Changes that needed to happen but I was too afraid to face…

Now I believe in myself and since have left my corp job behind. Going through cancer was difficult but I am feeling better every day. Financially I am positive I will be better than okay….

Words can never explain the gratitude I have for Rebecca…I was in a very dark place and she pulled me out into the light. She offered clarity and hope and now I can begin a new chapter in my life."

Cristal M.

My life was at a stand still, and I needed direction to be myself and to take charge of my life. As soon as I started the program, I started to see my life changing for the better and started to believe in myself and my dreams and goals.

Opportunities have been coming my way and money has come in. I have noticed my confidence and my positive thinking has changed for the better. I loved the program and the ladies in the group. I wish I found Rebecca years ago.”

Carmen Gjalevski

“Before I met Rebecca, I was in a fulltime job that was not fulfilling anymore, I was ready to make the switch. I needed guidance from an expert that has done it, too to streamline the time that I needed to avoid rookie mistakes.

Now I am feeling great and ready! I have been able to accomplish more in the past 3 months that I have accomplished in the past year. I have put together a great program, I have been able to travel places that I wanted to go and money is coming from different sources every day.

The experience exceeded my expectations! I knew that it was going to be good, but I was blown away with the quality of the program and the knowledge of Rebecca. She is truly a great coach.

I think anyone that is interested in making a career change and it is interested in achieving their dreams and desires can benefit from Rebecca's course.”

Sara Chevere

After I spoke to Rebecca and started the program, I started feeling a yearning inside to better my life. I now know that associating with like-minded people is so important and I’ve found that really powerful in the program.

I see Rebecca as a mentor and her positive energy has raised my vibration. The program is a really good foundation to think about where you want to be and what your desires are. To anyone considering the program I would say to say yes to yourself and honour where you want to be.”


“My greatest takeaway from the program was changing my wealth mindset. Also the guest speakers were a really good contribution...The business systems I knew nothing about previously.

Rebecca helped me believe in myself and what I have to offer other women.”

Corina P.

The experience was great and I'm very grateful for Rebecca! Rebecca helped me connect the dots with childhood experiences and how they still impact my behavior as an adult.

Linda B.

“I feel like a new woman! My income has almost doubled in the last 12 weeks just by following Rebecca’s steps. 20K Months are now my new normal!

With the program and Rebecca's help, I was able to start making drastic changes in my life, like leaving my corporate career behind and starting my own project management consulting business.

This is hands down the best online business course I have ever done, combining both mindset and business”

Janelle B.
JP Project Consulting

Stuck in a rut and not having the courage I needed to follow my dreams and seeing no way out of this “mechanical lifestyle” was a very depressing thought… then the Universe brought Rebecca Sophia into my life and her 12 week program has given me the strength, belief and encouragement I needed to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that I can be free to live the life I truly deserve!  Her approach is one filled with love and the true concern a burning desire to want to help women succeed - a very rare and beautiful trait! 

I can never thank you enough for changing my life and for giving me the tools I needed to start my own dream business. Since starting the program I have made consistently over $6000 US per month and have travelled to Australia twice, as well as London, Athens, Florence and Barcelona, showing others what’s possible for them too when they follow their dreams and invest in themselves and their business.

Angela Haralambous +357 99 357366 angelahara75@gmail.com

“Rebecca’s approach of getting real with my current life first and then planning and going for the life I truly desired was the key that turned everything around for me.”

Rania P.

“Supremely motivating and inspiring! Your wise words and years of experience lead me to many ‘aha’ moments during our session and I was left feeling invigorated and excited to take immediate action on all we had worked on.”

Tara C.

“Rebecca is able to find your deep blocks and show you how to bust through to step into your dream.”

Ritu M.

“I have taken many courses in my quest to find my purpose and the right business for me, but its not until I invested in myself and started working with Rebecca that it all started to come together. I am now well on my way to building my business and living the life of my dreams.”

Kristine S.

“Rebecca has opened new doors in my thinking and has given me the courage to believe that I really can be who I want to be. It has helped equip me with some of the tools that I need in order to see my goals actualised.”

Rita M.

“After my intensive session I felt reborn. Rebecca had me focus on my desires and what I really wanted for my life. I can’t thank Rebecca enough for helping me find myself again.” 

Gabrielle O.

"I was confused and scared. I had no idea what direction I wanted to take my life in. I had been 'stalking' a few life coaches online... One day Rebecca sent me an email that resonated deeply within! When I thought about her words in that email I decided that I needed to do something about my life, I needed to take control with both hands! I booked a Discovery Session! OMG! During the call, I knew that Rebecca was the person I had been looking for and longing to come into my life and wake me up! 

Rebecca, there are no words to convey how much I am grateful for your input, feedback and guidance! I cannot thank you enough! For the first time in my life, I feel as though I have a life. I'm on track. My business is on track and I just cannot wait to see what amazing things unfold in my future! I'm not scared nor confused anymore!!"

Tracie M.