You know what extraordinary living looks like…

If you want it too, I can show you how to have it.

Hi! I’m Rebecca Sophia. I’m a life and business success coach for women entrepreneurs globally who are serious about creating a successful and extraordinary life they love and then really enjoying that life and living it to the fullest!


If you’re anything like me, a successful and extraordinary life probably looks something like this:

  • Having time to spend with family and friends, doing what you love
  • Helping people by using your natural gifts and talents to create success in their lives as well as in yours
  • A life and business that both feel like play — where your work “is” the vacation that takes you anywhere in the world, and no escape is ever needed
  • Flying business or even first class, on a moment’s notice, without even blinking at the price of the ticket — or ever roughing it back there in economy ever again if you so choose
  • Ordering exactly what you want on the menu, at any restaurant and being able to treat your friends and family when and if you choose to, because that makes you feel good
  • Giving to your favourite charities and contributing meaningfully to the world
    A beautiful wardrobe of clothes and a Chanel handbag or two… or three if that’s your thing 😉
  • Providing abundantly for your children and family – sending your kids to a great private school or college / university and giving them the gift of a great education because you want to and you can
  • Having a passport full of stamps from all the different countries around the world, and a life full of memories to go with them



 Is that something you want too?

Yes? Then that’s wonderful! You’re in the right place to get the support you need to create your extraordinary and successful life too.

You see I’ve made it my life’s mission to help women do just that – create and build successful and extraordinary lives that give them great joy and enjoyment to live them. And this business, this website, all my programs and everything I do through social media is with that one mission in mind.

The next thing you should know is that I’m not just another brand new coach who has skipped on to coaching coaches. I’m not just out of school, trying to market something to you that I haven’t lived or experienced yet, just to make some dollars, because I’m good at selling to you…


I’ve made lots of dollars in my own right as a professional in my career and as a property investor / developer and business woman.

I made my first million when I was 30, investing in residential property. I built up a portfolio worth 5 million dollars by the time I was 35 and I was doing well in my life, in my career and in my businesses.


And then, I lost it all.

That happened when I lost sense of myself, in a 5-year, contentious, awful divorce.

I knew I could build it up again successfully, because I learned to practice the principles of success. But before I had a chance, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

You’ve probably heard lots of cancer stories that involve a big, life-changing “a-ha.”

My story was no different. And my “a-ha” was that I didn’t want to die with just a property portfolio as a bitter divorced women who’s life didn’t work out as she planned, that lived in fear the rest of her days. I wanted instead to live — to really, really live. To live my life to the fullest and also to grow and contribute meaningfully to the world, which is the only way to feel truly fulfilled and happy – its part of our human nature and soul’s knowing, to want this.


For me, I then realised living means two things:

1) Having money to do things, and

2) Sharing my gifts with people and helping them live, too and experiencing the joy that both these things bring.




So that when I look back on my life, I know that I’ve lived, I’ve loved, I’ve travelled, I’ve experienced, and I’ve left a legacy of living well to my beautiful daughters, Christen and Julia.

And, on top of that, a legacy of helping people like you do the same.

I’m now cancer free, thank God. And happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. Which is to say, I’m here for you.

I know how to create a successful and extraordinary life and I’m going to help you with yours. So you can do good doing what you were born to do and live and travel really, really well too, if that’s what you desire.

Ready to work together? I’m ready for you.



Rebecca Sophia is a life and business success coach for women entrepreneurs globally who are serious about creating a successful and extraordinary life they love and then really enjoying that life and living it to the fullest! She’s lived many lives herself already, having made millions, lost millions, made it again, run 4 businesses, raised 2 teenagers, beat cancer, survived a divorce, which was even harder, found her calling as a coach… and now works with clients all over the world coaching and mentoring them how to create extraordinary lives for themselves. She lives in Sydney Australia, but you can meet her in Paris, San Tropez, Capri, Africa, London, New York, or LA. Or, find her first at


Rebecca is also a highly-skilled professional with 23 + years of extensive and proven experience, training and knowledge in the areas of IT, Project and Program Management, Change Management and the general management of people and change. Her professional experience spans across a number of key industries including finance, insurance, telecommunications, retail and banking. Rebecca holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Sydney University, a Masters in Project Management from the University of Technology Sydney and is a PMP, Prince 2 and MSP Certified Project and Program Management Professional.


Rebecca believes in constant learning and personal development and as such has completed many courses including all of the Tony Robbins Mastery University courses, (UPW, Date with Destiny, Wealth Mastery, Life Mastery, Business Mastery) and has worked alongside Tony at many of his events as a crew member over the last 14 years. Rebecca is also a student of a Course in Miracles and of Marianne Williamson.  All of these things contribute to her constant learning and growth as a woman, as a coach and as a human being who strives to live in the light and be of good service in the world.