I have 3 secrets to share with you…And how a dream comes true on Monday


We are exactly half way through the year!  That’s no secret. But there are a few secrets you don’t know below that I’m excited to share with you.

I have a brand new program to help you
Get Started:

  • On that thing you wrote down on New Year’s Eve last year that you wanted to get done in 2016.
  • On you know, that thing that’s in your heart to do, that you keep ignoring…
  • On that one thing that you’ve been putting off and that’s been nagging at you all year long…that you know you have to do but you haven’t started yet.
Its not too late << Test First Name >> and it doesn’t matter that we are half way through the year, what matters, is that you start NOW. (Or Monday is fine, because today is a Friday and nobody starts anything on a Friday.)

Starting is often the hardest step to take on any journey we embark on, so I want to help you do it. Because…. and here comes the 2nd secret.


Getting Started – is the first step to your success!
So if you can just get started then you are half way there (even though you’ve just started). Does that make sense?

So, I got together with some amazing women from around the world and created a Get Started Program to help you do just that! And here comes the 3rd secret.

My Get Started program

is launching on Monday!


It is a secret because nobody other than you my loyal subscribers know yet. And I promise you will be the first to know on Monday when it does launch.

And do you want to know something else. I’m really excited about this program. You see Its been a dream of mine for some time now to create affordable online coaching products to assist women to navigate through their life and business.  This year funnily enough I got started on it and on Monday along with my amazing apprentices I launch this new baby into the world 🙂

All I can say is – watch this space on Monday and get ready to be blown away by what’s on offer and for how much.

Til then,

All my love

PS. you can read more about my dream and the Apprenticeship program that helped me make it a reality below.


My dream

That women everywhere have freedom of choice to live as they choose. And more importantly, that they have the means, the money, (the freedom) with which to make that choice happen. So that they don’t EVER have to financially or emotionally depend on anyone else for their existence, survival and happiness.
Like I said above, this dream had been on my heart for a while… and in January 2016 I got a divine download to do something about it in the form of affordable online products for women around the globe, to show them a better way to think, to make money, to live and to succeed.

I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I was inspired to put out a post to see who else was called to help and got 63 applications literally from all around the world from women wanting to be a part of my dream.  I was extremely humbled and I took them all in (because my heart couldn’t turn anyone away that wanted to be of service in this world)
Meet some of my amazing Apprentices


Through natural attrition and willingness to see the program through from the 63 applicants, only the following amazing apprentices remained with me to co-create and birth 5 new products in 2016 that will help women in this way, no matter where they find themselves on their journey today – of which my Get Started program (to be released on Monday) is the first.

An extra special mention therefore goes to Cristal Kelly Marshall, Anastasia Giovanoglou, Jess Quinlan, Corina Poole, Mina Velani, Janine Cera, Bernadette Dallas and Cassandra Rook for going the distance with the program. Thank you! You gave your time, skills and energy to help other women. You stayed the distance and that is one of the secrets to success!

Thanks again and God Bless! xx

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