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Gelato, Cheese and Online Business

Before this last trip to Italy I hated gelato. I know hate is a strong word, but I was convinced I did. I’ve always been a savoury kind of gal. Give me a good blue vein cheese or double cream King Island Camembert with crackers any day and I’m in 7th heaven. I did enjoy some sweets now and then – baked ricotta cheese cake for example – maybe because it had cheese in it (did I mention I love cheese? 🙂 but very rarely did I eat ice cream and never ever gelato. I had it once, felt sick and I avoided
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I fell in love…And I’m going back!

I fell in love with Italy…and when I got back last week I fell in a heap. I don’t know if I had the gelato blues, or withdrawal symptoms from all the truffle pasta and margarita pizzas I ate, but I was feeling flat and for many nights I lay wide awake counting my blessings and sheep… while each day, I struggled to keep my eyes open, even after drinking double the caffeine! I was jet lagged. After sleeping for 15 hours straight yesterday, I think I’m finally over the jetlag… But Italy… I will never get over. I fell in love with
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